Updated Turnaround Times for Genetic Tests

The lab at Athena Diagnostics has undergone tremendous transformation over the past year. As part of their commitment to being a leader in responsible genomics, more than 90% of its genetic test offering has been converted to next-generation sequencing, and multi-gene profiles have been reconfigured to align with published practice parameters as well as internal studies based on clinical features, family history, and gene prevalence. This makes it easier to order, avoids ordering unnecessary testing, and reduces overall cost. This has also resulted in drastic operational efficiencies which have brought turnaround times for all genetic testing platforms down by 50%.

Here’s the breakdown:
Next-generation sequencing 21-28 days
Sanger sequencing 14-28 days
Non-sequencing PCR and Southern blot 14-28 days
The turnaround times published on the individual test catalog pages are not yet updated, but will be updated within the next two weeks.
Download the complete list.