Athena Advance Pay Program

Removing Barriers to Specialized Neurology Testing

Athena Diagnostics is committed to making diagnostic testing more accessible and more affordable for all patients. Athena Diagnostics recognizes the unique challenges of patients facing various diseases and conditions and is dedicated to personalizing and simplifying customer service. As an alternative payment option, Athena launched the Advance Pay Program in March of 2021 for patients who do not qualify for the Athena Alliance Program (AAP) and/or do not wish to have insurance billed. The Advance Pay Program provides patients with a 20% discounted price off qualifying genetic testing.

What patients can expect, from the Athena Advance Pay Program:

  • A 20% discount off the cost of qualifying ordered tests.
  • Full payment of the discounted pricing due within 30 days of Athena receiving sample.
    • If full payment is not received within the 30-day timeframe, full cost of testing will be billed unless patient qualifies for AAP.
  • Payment Options
    • Check (Payable to Athena Diagnostics)
    • Credit Card (Call 1.800.394.4493, option 4)
  • Communication Options
    • Phone
    • Email
    NOTE: By providing an email address and/or mobile telephone number, the patient consents to receive calls, emails, and/or text messages to collect payment (normal message and data rates may apply). The messages will not include test information or results.

**Important note for international patients: patients with international orders acknowledge that payment must be received directly from the patient and waive the ability of the client to pay on their behalf at the discounted rate.

  • If paid by patient (international) within the Advance Pay 30-day timeline, the 20% Advance Pay discount applies.
  • If the client is paying on the patient’s behalf, the Advance Pay discount is not applicable and the full price will be billed.

Important information for the Athena Advance Pay Program:

  • The Athena Advance Pay Program is only available for qualifying genetic test codes.
    • Call Athena Diagnostics for questions around qualifying genetic test codes or Advance Pay pricing
  • Patients who do not wish to have a test(s) submitted for reimbursement to their health insurance plan:
    • Are electing to be treated as a self-pay patient for this testing
    • Acknowledge and agree that Athena Diagnostics will not submit a claim to insurance for the ordered testing nor provide information that may be needed by the health insurance plan for a claim
  • In test codes that have multiple phases (automatic or “reflex” components), there is a chance for the patient to receive a subsequent bill if the test result meets the criteria to reflex/move to the next phase. By electing the Advance Pay Option, the 20% discount will still apply to the reflex component of the ordered test
    • Call Athena Diagnostics at 1.800.394.4493, option 4 for questions around whether the ordered test code is reflexive.

Contact an Athena Advance Pay Billing Representative

Phone: 1.800.394.4493, ext. 4
Fax: 508.659.0818

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