Medicare & Medicaid


For registered hospital inpatients and/or outpatients that have Medicare coverage, Athena will bill the hospital directly. For all other Medicare patients, Athena Diagnostics will submit claims to Medicare Part B (in Massachusetts) for all of our non-molecular tests. Patients with Medicare Part B are not responsible for any payment for non-molecular tests.  A signed and completed Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) is required for molecular tests, as Medicare may not cover molecular testing. 

Medicare Advantage

Athena will file claims with the patient’s health plan. The patient will be held liable for any balance due as indicated on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  If the patient responsibility is more than $100.00 the patient may qualify for financial assistance. 


Athena Diagnostics is not a participating provider in any Medicaid program.  Medicaid patients may qualify for financial assistance. 

Uninsured or Self-Pay Patients, Athena Diagnostics offers a discount to patients who are uninsured or who wish to pay out-of-pocket. For specific details, please see the Athena Alliance Program above.