Protecting patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: saliva kits sent directly to your patients’ homes

Athena Diagnostics remains open and testing is an essential healthcare service during COVID-19.

In response to the need for social distancing, Athena now offers saliva collection kits for most genetic tests, which can be shipped directly to patients in the United States. Once the sample has been collected, the patient can schedule a same-day FedEx® pick-up of the specimen. This option is ideal for patients and their families who need valuable insights on their genetic diagnosis while also protecting their families from the risk of potential virus exposure.

Saliva samples are now acceptable for most genetic tests during the COVID-19 outbreak. Exclusions apply for the following:
  • SMA diagnostic testing
  • Southern blot tests
  • Non-genetic tests such as neuroimmunology offerings
  • SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR 
For additional information, contact our customer service department:

To request a saliva collection kit for your patient:

Submit a completed Athena requisition electronically or through fax at 1.610.271.6085.  Please write “saliva” under specimen type.  Our home draw department will contact the patient at the number you provide to make arrangements to send the kit directly to them.
An instructional video is available to help your patients through the process of collecting their samples:
For patients in Canada, please contact our Customer Service department on the appropriate kit for patient collection.
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