NewbornDx™ Advanced Sequencing Evaluation

Rapid, 3- to 7-day results on a targeted 1,722 gene panel

Critically ill newborns represent some of our most fragile patients and every minute counts to reach an accurate diagnosis. With an extensive 1,722 gene panel, the NewbornDx™ Advanced Sequencing Evaluation can help expedite diagnosis and treatment in less than half the time, and for a fraction of the cost compared to rapid exomes or genomes.1-9
Expedite diagnosis
In comparison to more than ten recent published exome and genome studies having sequence data, NewbornDx includes 80%-100% of disease-causing genes identified in the studies—the highest diagnostic yield of several commercially available panels for NICU patients.1-9
When every minute counts
Receive a targeted, clinically actionable panel of results within 3-7 days, specifically designed for conditions that are often present in NICU/PICU patients.
Shortened NICU stays
The average NICU stay can cost $76,164 and typically lasts 13.2 days.10 Shortening that stay by even one day can have significant economic and emotional benefits for families.
Patient-friendly collection
Testing can be completed with non-invasive blood spot collection. Parental samples can include whole blood, blood spot, or saliva options.
NewbornDx™ also features:
• Proband, duo, or trio testing options to decrease the number of variants of unknown significance and reduce the need for follow-up testing
• A mean coverage of 330X and 99.4% of bases covered at greater than 20X
Complete list of genes included
The NewbornDx™ Advanced Sequencing Evaluation can help you diagnose a majority of the genetic causes found through an exome or genome panel in less than half the time. Click here to download the complete list of genes.

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