CNS Autoantibodies

CNS autoantibody disorders result from an immune response that cross-reacts with tissues in the central nervous system. These conditions are often severe and acute/subacute in onset and may include dementia, seizures, encephalitis, or cerebellar degeneration.

Testing for CNS Autoantibody Disorders

Athena Diagnostics' paraneoplastic testing uses proprietary RecombxTM technology utilizing a recombinant human antigen to identify the precise paraneoplastic antibody based on molecular weight and to reduce cross reactivity.

Our panels include the following:

  • NeoComplete - for nonspecific symptoms
  • NeoCerebellar, NeoEncephalitis, NeoSensory - targeted evaluation for suspected CNS antibody disorders that present with cerebellar degeneration, encephalitis, or sensory neuropathy, respectively
  • Autoimmune Rapidly Progressive Dementia - for acute-onset dementia
  • Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndromes, Initial Assessment - for the 6 most common and well-characterized paraneoplastic antibodies (Hu, Yo, Ri, MaTa, CV2/CRMP5, amphiphysin) with a rapid 3-5 day turnaround time

We also offer testing for autoimmune rapidly progressive dementia, for dementia syndromes with an acute or subacute (12 weeks or less) onset.

Our staff of laboratory directors is available to assist you in the ordering process.


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Resources for Patients

Athena Diagnostics knows that antibody disorders of the CNS can be challenging to manage. We are committed to providing quality testing to find the cause of you or your loved one's suspected antibody disorder.

Athena Alliance Program

We offer the Athena Alliance Program to make testing accessible and affordableLearn more about the program here

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